A View from Dallas Fort Worth Airport


It's been a few years since I've flown – in general, no matter where we go when traveling, but from north Nevada to Austin, Texas, then to mid-June Houston or all that appeals to me no sounds. So I decided to fly alone.

Three different planes and two after boarding; I rediscovered the art of flying, one in Salt Lake and the second in Dallas. Real feel change of flying: people who hurry, race, in some cases only run to find that the next flight is not on board, the worst kind of stress. It dresses men, women and children from different parts of the world, languages, a micro cosmos of the world; their faces emerge from anxiety, frustration, boredom to impatience, while waiting for expressions to wait and wait.

Airlines have made some significant changes in initiatives to streamline operations and reduce costs. Among those immediately mentioned to me, for careless passengers is now a solid, then five more books inconsiderately added, along with other non-essential and rather heavy items & # 39; redundancy fee & # 39; have solid weight limits resulting in. The additional charge of $ 100.00 for the offender's three pounds surplus works like a full speed penalty: I know I'll stay under the fifty-pound ceiling next time.

People struggling to make a very large suitcase became impossible as a minute went by, helping a suitcase to people struggling to no avail. The rules are clear and mandatory. Airline personnel stops and stops several people with excess suitcases before boarding; Efficiently, the large baggage ejection process is launched to carry several hundred people to the aircraft in twenty minutes or less.

The prevalence of mobile devices with free Wi-Fi at airports and planes ensures instant communication for everyone from anywhere. Like the man standing behind me at the Dallas Fort Worth airport, people writing, texting and talking on the latest company disaster share their troubles to feel the trouble of the best player's unexpected resignation. .

I'm on my third flight since 6:30 this morning. A quick and unscientific research of hundreds of people seen during this long day revealed only two people carrying a real book to read. Many passengers use their mobile devices to avoid carefully holding a foreign ear ear in place.

The young woman sitting next to me on the last leg of this trip is one of the three people I've seen with a book – a real book and expressing her gratitude when I gave her the novel I completed.

"Do you like fiction?"

Smiling, “Yes, I do, I always travel, and I've always been waiting for the books to pass the time. Is it good? Cevap he answered.

Smiling back, "OK, time will pass." I answered.

Captain Samantha Martinez is a member of the Texas Joint Counter Drug Task Force Operations OIC, a coalition of several agencies working together to prevent the drowning of cartels in the world economy. He loves his job because he knows you're making a difference.

He listened to a character in my next book saying that he was a member of a Texas coalition drug mission force that I thought I invented and that I was sure when I asked if I could use his name in the novel. We walked together on the way to the plane and baggage claim.

One of the unexpected gifts of spending forever on airplanes was meeting a young woman like Captain Martinez; I'm trying to make this world a better place: God bless you, Samantha. Thank you very much for your permission to use your name for one of my characters in my next book.