Mexican Retirement Communities – Transportation to Cozumel Island


Cozumel estate is located on an island in unique condition; this may raise concerns for property buyers about transport to and from the island, while transport is readily available at reasonable prices. Most importantly, the island itself offers complete services, amenities and products that make it the best choice among Mexican pension communities.
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Located on an island, Cozumel’s international airport provides most of the transportation needed by retirees and other residents. For example, in the last week of June 2010, the airport received 37 international flights carrying a total of 5,550 passengers, including both tourists and residents of the island.
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Some of the targets are Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte and Toronto; these are just a few of the places where direct flights are offered. Direct return flights to many parts of North America can be connected for as little as $ 600 and as low as $ 400.
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Flights at reasonable prices are also available in many parts of Mexico and many other international destinations. Cheap flights to the nearby cities of Cancun and Merida are also easily available. If you are on the mainland, a wider range of flights from Cancun also offers affordable options.
Flying is not the only way in and out of the island; The ferry to Playa del Carmen runs most of the hours per hour and runs just over $ 10 (in one direction). With relatively low-priced taxis from Playa del Carmen, car hire and tour buses can be used to roam the mainland of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
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Although there is easy access to the island, Cozumel itself offers complete services for the retirement community. In fact, boat lovers may want to take advantage of marina services to sail to the mainland or take a longer tour. Golf is also available in Cozumel and many communities offer opportunities for tennis and other sports.
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With its beautiful, traditional Mexican town center, many Mayan pyramid sites and the beautiful nature around it, those who enjoy retirement here are worth a visit without ever getting bored of the atmosphere that plays such an important role. relaxation. And of course, there are always shafts and shafts of the wide beaches to enjoy!
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