An Overview of the City's History


Lagos, a modern metropolis, is now Lagos' main commercial and financial center. Lagos is one of the most populous and modern places in the world; there are plenty of cheap flights to Lagos and are heavily booked. According to the growth layers of various cities around the world, Lagos is ranked number seven and is growing rapidly. The old name of the city was Eko and the locals or residents of Lagos were called Yoruba.

Lagos held a very important place in the African history book, and the modern name of Lagos was given by the Portuguese, and the word Lagos means connection between land and the sea. Geographically, the place is famous for its lush beaches, natural areas and landscapes, as it is one of the best known places in the world making cheap flights to Lagos, emphasizing its inner meanings. then it moved here and now years have passed.

The first connection by the Portuguese here was with a great explorer Rui de Sequeria, who visited here in 1472 and called the city Lago de Curami. And from the early 1400s to the late 1800s, the city faced the darkest aspect in the history of the slavery trade. Later, this trade was banned, and the state is now one of the most thriving cities in the world, where a lush metropolis and people love to travel for leisure and entertainment. Every year, people make cheap flights to Lagos with their families and enjoy their travels and history in the most wonderful way.

Despite tourism, Lagos serves as a major trade center where all major import and export trade is carried out, thus providing a great opportunity for foreign business travelers to book cheap flights to Lagos and visit this excellent place to grow their business. The job opportunities here are numerous and one can easily feed the relevant cause.