Balloon flights across Norfolk


The rolling countryside, cut with charming waterways, historic towns and iconic architecture, makes Norfolk a great contrast. A hot air balloon ride through Norfolk provides the perfect opportunity to see this scenic area from a completely new perspective – or more specifically from 5,000 meters above all.

Norfolk, the focal point of East Anglia, is enriched with many examples of architecture and natural glow that make the county a popular tourist destination in England. Dunston Hall is a red-brick country house hotel situated in a beautiful 150-acre parkland and south of Norwich, and is the perfect location to start your trip with a hot air balloon.

As you begin to drift north, you can soon discover Norwich, a city with a modern sophisticated effect and a cityscape dominating the medieval wonder. With the second tallest tower in the country, Norwich Cathedral is only one of the city's glorious medieval history. Built as a royal palace, Norwich Castle now houses the finest collections of fine arts, archeology and natural history. The Forum, which opened in 2001, was the Millennium project, a beautiful piece of contemporary architecture and a landmark in the east of England. The Forum, home to the Millennium Library, local media publishers, and Europe's largest permanent digital display gallery, is a modern center for all those visiting the city.

If you continue to the north of Norfolk, one of the highlights is Blickerling Hall, a picturesque 17th century Jacobean house with spectacular parkland and lake features. It is possible to discover many monuments for the Second World War scattered throughout the county and several US Air Force air bases and strategic pill boxes built to help protect the country against foreign invasions.

Another place where the population started is the historical market town of Wymondham. You may have the opportunity to watch the steam locomotive with bullets in the rural area in the middle of the railway station in the middle of Norfolk and the house of the train station used in my father's army in the classic television series.

If your journey takes you east of Norwich, passengers will be able to capture the countryside views of the country covered by Norfolk Broads. Consisting of about 40 large areas filled with water and connected with 200km river, shallow lake, woodland, grassland and grazing marshes; Norfolk Broads offers many memorable attractions to look at from above. Flights can follow the Bure River, crossing the pretty countryside, such as Coltishall and Horning, to the exciting coastal town of Great Yarmouth. Most of the Norfolk coastline has been designated as a magnet for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and the Superior Natural Beauty Area.

Norfolk is a county full of history and culture for centuries, with lively cities and villages with natural waterways, woodlands and miles of miles of spectacular coastline.

No two balloon flights are the same, so it really depends on the wind (with a little help from the wind), where you're going to fly and where you'll see, chimneys or prairies. Don't forget to take your camera, binoculars or camera to capture the magic of the balloon flight experience.