Exploring Poland and Belgium


My trip to Poland was the best trip I've ever made. When I was studying abroad, I knew that one of my first plans came to Poland. After I found out that I still had my family living there, I knew I had to experience my family's life for myself.

At that time my roommate and I initially flew to Krakow in Poland. Then we got caught from my distant cousin, and I drove him a few miles, he showed me the city and his house for a few nights. It was everything I expected and more. We were treated like a kingdom, how my grandfather treated me when I visited their home. The next two days were full of places to visit the popular Salt Mines and to visit Krakow.

A few days later we boarded a bus to Zakopane, Poland. I stayed here with cousins ​​further away from my father's family My experience in Zakopane was surreal. I began to see my father's house and where he lived and went to school. At dinner, I had the chance to sit at the dining table with my family and feast on amazing homemade meals. Before going back to the airport, we spent some time finding one of the most beautiful natural lakes embedded in the mountains and hiking. It was a great end to my trip to Poland. I just hope to visit there again soon.

To start with, our flight to Brussels was not ideal for a group of inexperienced travelers. We flew from Bucharest, Romania in an early flight departing at 6:30 in the morning. If you were wondering, we had to be awake and ready to leave our enemy around 3 o'clock, then we had to find our bus which was about to arrive on time to get to the airport. You can only imagine some of the feelings and attitudes that exist among my friends. But for me, I look forward to Belgian waffles, French fries and of course beer.

We usually arrive at the airport in time for a quick flight to Brussels airport. Now the only problem was to find transportation to the city center, so we were able to get to the fun things I mentioned earlier. Can you tell us how well we planned this trip? Fortunately, everything worked in our favor. After our flights, we found a cheap bus ticket that took us to our storage lockers. The first thing we walked in was a quirky flea market outside a train station. A short walk from here we reached the Grand Place, the heart of Brussels city center. It was great to see the buildings and monuments. After taking pictures of the sights there, it was time for the famous Belgian waffles. Belgian waffle shops are located in every corner of the Grand Place. The enamel was filled with brown sugar and Nutella. The city is also full of Belgian-style beer bars, chocolate shops and French fries. I didn't know that French fries in Brussels are very popular, but they are served in a paper cone with your choice of more than 20 different sauces. We wandered the streets, enjoyed our time at the Christmas festival and admired the beautiful buildings.