Barefoot and Airport Floor


I just finished attending a great conference in Dallas and now I'm waiting for my flight at the airport. You know what it's like … listening to my iPod, editing my notes, using the seller's information, and watching people.

Flip-flops for those who think traveling will make us wear the worst shoes when we need to walk too much. Of course, they have their place: a dressing room in your gym, in public showers, around the pool, and maybe one or two uses. But it's definitely not at an airport. I'm saying this for two reasons.

The first one seems open but was ignored. If you ask some of these people, I guarantee you they'il say it's a convenience to pass through security. This amazes me! You want to tell me you want to go barefoot the same way thousands of people trudge every day. Imagine, how long ago did you walk with your perfect bare feet, athlete's foot, nail fungus, wart or meat-eating bacteria? (Okay, not a lot of meat-eating, but you've made a point … very frightening bad things.) How often do they close safety lines to provide a good scrubbing to the floor? Ten times? Five? Not once? Unlikely!! Put people in socks. Most of the time, when you wear tennis shoes, you already know that you slide them without crying, right?

Second, with the amount of walking at airports, wearing shoes without support or protection is the right thing. With all the people at the airports, do you want your traveling companion to step on his unprotected foot, or do you want the shoe to be cushioned? It's not just for airports. The same applies to shopping malls, Disney World, Six Flags and many other places you can think of.

My wife and I remember when we took our baby lessons before our son was born. It was clear that the pediatrician's wife (mine) was the only woman in her class who did not wear slippers. Coincidentally, she was also the only woman who did not complain of foot pain. Ladies, I understand they're cute and everyone wears them. Is this important when you have to sit or limp?

The effectiveness of your shoes should go hand in hand. If you need to go barefoot, be sure to protect your feet. Do you walk a lot? Wear more supportive shoes. Go out for dinner and dance? It's time to break the cute shoes.